Wheat – Mobile Functional Test Automation using RedwoodHQ & Appium

How many of you have done mobile functional test automation? I am sure many.

How many of you have done it by handwritten code? I am sure many.

How many of you have faced a need of ability to manage & reuse the test cases in a much better and brainless way? I am sure many.

How many of you have used a test management tool with a test automation tool to achieve this? I am sure only a few (I actually searched very vast on Google to get a reference before starting this project, however not even a single line of code was shared anywhere).

Here comes Wheat; a bridge between Appium & RedwoodHQ. Wheat allows you to create & reuse your test cases in RedwoodHQ in more usable way (drag-and-drop) and have them getting executed in mobile emulators or devices via Appium. Continue reading

Android product flavours and configuration

Product Flavours have been around for quite some time now. I feel Product flavours are one of the coolest things about android and android studio. I am so smitten by product flavour that I decided to write a post about it :p. What follows will be introduction, application, grouping, filtering and configuration of product flavours in android. If you have already applied these and have any questions, shoot in comments below or mail me directly (details at the end of the post). Continue reading