Proxy Routing in Angular 4 Applications

This blog intends to deal and simplify routing in Angular 4 applications in both development and production environment. While working on routing in Angular 4 applications, we often face some of the following challenges:

  • Finding a solution to the problem of cross-origin issues in Angular development environment
  • Separating routing configurations and APIs servers URLs from the code, making the application more robust and maintainable
  • Finding a generic solution where frequent changing of API URLs (due to deployment on different servers, let’s say for the purpose of load balancing) do not force you to modify and change the code
  • Servers where the APIs deployed do not appear in your code at all

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ReferencesMany relation with Custom ID in Loopback Framework

In this blog, I share my views on using ReferencesMany relation with Custom ID in Loopback framework. This blog is relevant to developers with a basic knowledge of loopback and want to know how to use RefrencesMany relation in loopback.

Before we begin, I would like to share that rewriting Express API using Loopback can result in minimalistic code. It can be used to create dynamic end-to-end Rest APIs. However, the learning curve is steep. You can learn more about loopback from its extensive documents, but this is out of our current scope. Continue reading

Comparing productivity of node.js frameworks

Our mission is to compare the node.js frameworks on productivity.

In one of my previous blogs I have benchmark the various node.js frameworks performance against native http call and native mongodb driver and native combination was clear winner in term of performance.

so, Why not use only native http and native mongodb driver. well one of the the key aspect and usp of node.js frameworks is that they provide lot of abstractions and as a developer you don’t have to write boiler plate , repetitive code . so lets see what our research has come up with against this concept. Continue reading